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Energy Star LED Bulbs

Not all LED bulbs are made the same. While price may be the main determining factor in your decision to upgrade or not upgrade to LED bulbs, you should pay closer attention to whether the bulbs you are thinking of buying are Energy Star rated, dimmable, UL listed, and how long the warranty period is.

Energy Star and UL listed bulbs are built differently than LED bulbs which do not have these certifications. They are much higher quality bulbs because they have to satisfy LED bulb requirements set out by both Energy Star and UL Certifications.

Why do I need dimmable bulbs? LED light output is quite high in comparison to incandescent bulbs so you may want to have a way to control the light output in order to provide just the right amount of light for your needs. 

Although these bulbs have a long life span warranty is also important. We offer 2-5 year "hassle-free" warranty on all of our Energy Star bulbs.